InSens'o is a brand of lighting and decoration, founded by Roberto Tenace in Bali in 2000.

His design is a state of art and reflects his philosophy: “InSens'o, Lightings & Feelings…”

The brand combines contemporary design and Indonesian Handicraft because as soon as he arrived in Bali, Roberto Tenace noticed the Indonesian's huge potential in terms of Art.

In 2010, the merging with IndoLED, the LED specialist, represents a new born for the brand Insens'o. This clear-sighted partnership is mainly focused on combining art and technology in a clever way. Indeed, the LED process makes the lighting products become safer and easy to export all over the world.

Insens'o products convey all the inspiration Roberto Tenace put on it. The diversity of the decorative items shows this ability to adapt to all tastes and create the perfect piece at the perfect time.

InSens'o has showrooms in Indonesia and has independent retailers selling its products all over the world.

The company client base is international and composed of all aspects of the industry. Consultants to developers, commercial end users as well as domestic customers.
Beyond the concept, InSens'o is the right balance between design, innovation, materials and technology.

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