The traditional activity of InSenso (decorative luminaries and items) has been re branded as “InsensoBali” and it includes several brands of products that are currently manufactured and distributed by PT Bali Trend Produs. The company has been founded in 2000 by Roberto Tenace in Bali.

We have own factory in Bali with more than 70 employees and is under experienced Western management. Our 920m2 facility includes corporate headquarters, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, design and engineering departments, products showroom, and offices for management, sales, operations and administration.

Quality control is conducted on 100% of the products before delivery to assure the best quality. The quality system and the supply chain management have been set according the Quality International standards, such as ISO 9001:2008.

The brands:




InSens’o is the “classic” and historical brand of InsensoBali that groups all the best designs that were produced before 2014 (over 200 SKUs). These products are still manufactured for projects or special orders. They are also a source in which the company can dig in the future to launch new products worldwide.




InsensoBali produces LED table lamps in the shape of Smiley balls under a license contracted with the SmileyWorld Company for a worldwide distribution.

These table lamps retail at 39 USD through lighting or DIY store chains. A new wireless version (battery powered) will be launched on Sept 2015. It will retail from 19,90 USD and is meant to be distributed over deco/gifts chain stores and big retailers at bigger volumes. A bulb version has already been developed for Indonesian market and emerging markets. Design range will also be extended from 6 to 30 models!




The FolkyDolls are a range of funny and decorative lamps in the shape of characters from all over the world. The first characters were designed by Roberto Tenace in 2011.

Mickael Veslot has significantly improved the mechanical and electrical designs of this product and successfully taken over with the aesthetic designs in 2013. The 4th generation of the Folky Dolls’ characters will be released at Maison & Objet this September 2015.

These table lamps retail at 49 USD, mainly for children and meant to be distributed over the specialists networks of boutiques / e-boutiques and specialized chain stores (Toys ‘R’ us and else). New 2015 models will also feature a wireless (battery powered) night light function!