PT Bali Trend Produs is a design and manufacturing company based in Bali / Indonesia which produces LED luminaries under brands IndoLED & Insenso-Bali.

PT Bali Trend Produs was founded in year 2000 by Italian designer Roberto Tenace®.

This company started with the design of inventive furniture, then lamps and other decorative items that were sold locally in Bali, then to wholesale customers who exported it all over the world.

Roberto Tenace has always been very creative and produced a huge amount of designs thanks to the great environment Bali provides in term of handicraft knowhow, inexpensive workmanship and a very various source of raw materials. He created the Sens’o brand in 2004 (that was then renamed InSens’o) to then launch his own local retail stores as well as a few franchises in Australia, Europe and south America.

In end 2010, Mickaël Veslot, founder and director of IndoLED, who was supplying InSens’o with LEDs and design consulting offered Roberto Tenace to merge both activities in one single company and PT Bali Trend Produs (PMA 100% foreign owned) was the company selected to integrate both activities.

Since then, the InSens’o brand has been renamed “Insenso-Bali” and the company focused it to 2 great selling ranges of table lamps : The Folky dolls and the Smiley lamps.

insensobali-logo-aboutThe traditional activity of InSenso (decorative luminaries and items) has been rebranded as “InSensoBali” and it includes several brands of products that are currently manufactured and distributed by PT Bali Trend Produs:insensobali-projects